Panary breadmaking courses at Cann Mills
Learn about real bread in the atmosphere of a working watermill. Paul Merry runs a range of artisan bread and pastry courses here at Cann Mills for beginners, enthusiasts and aspiring professionals. He also offers an apprenticeship scheme, consultancy services and tuition on wood-fired brick oven management.

Paul Merry
Cann Mills
Dorset SP7 0BL

T: 01747 823711

A selection of quality bakeries who use our flour

Bakery Bits


E5 Bakehouse

Leakers Bakery

Longcrichel Bakery

Oxfords Bakery

Pump Street Bakery

Quangle Wangle Foods

Stones Bakery

Vicky’s Bread

Launceston Farm


Traditional Corn Millers Guild
Members are all wind or water millers using primarily natural power to produce stoneground meals and flours. Play an important role in maintaining traditional milling standards and developing products to meet the needs of customers for high quality cereals and flours.

The Soil Association
The promotion of planet friendly food and farming through education, campaigns and community programmes. It has probably the highest and most comprehensive standards for organic production and processing in the world.

Flour Advisory Bureau
Focus is placed on promoting the variety, versatility, vitality and nutritional value of bread.

Dan Lepard (Bakery Consultant)
He is known for how well he knows bread and his artisanal approach to baking.
A site for artisan bakers to discuss current bakery trends and issues.
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Stoates & Sons, traditional flour millers