We obtain most of our organic grain from local farms, who like ourselves are certified by The Soil Association. This ensures that the authenticity of the product is maintained from the seed being planted on the farm through to the flour leaving the mill. The crops receive no artificial fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or pesticides and the grain is cleaned and stored under The Soil Association standards. Our organic range includes the following, all sold in 1.5kg, 8kg and 32kg sacks:

Organic Strong 100% Wholemeal Flour

The ideal bread making flour milled from a blend of high protein wheat with nothing added and nothing taken away. Still containing all of the natural fibre and wheat germ, which constitutes a flavoursome and healthy diet.

Organic Brown Flour (81% extraction)

Rich in flavour and natural fibre but lighter than the 100% wholemeal flour. Ideal for bread, rolls, cakes, pastries and sauces.

Organic Strong White Flour

The brown flour is sieved further to remove more bran particles producing a stoneground white flour with a creamy colour and exceptional flavour.

Organic Maltstar Flour

This is our Granary type flour. Made from wheat flour blended with malted wheat flakes, rye flour and malt flour. Bread and rolls baked from this flour acquire a distinctive malty flavour with a moist and grainy texture.

Organic Spelt Flour
This ancient grain has a characteristic flavour and different baking qualities to that of its wheat relative we use in general milling. On account of this disparity of its origin some people with a mild wheat intolerance find they can consume products made with Spelt flour without any adverse reaction.

Organic Rye Flour

Used for making pumpernickel, sour doughs and other rye breads. Especially popular on the
Continent, but increasingly more so here. Our rye grain is specifically selected for bread making. Stoneground and produced as a wholemeal, it is ideal to use on its own or blended with other bread making flours.

Organic Brown Self-Raising Flour (81% extraction)

This is the perfect flour for cakes and biscuits as well as short crust pastry and crumbles. The flour is ground from wheat specifically selected for its softness and suitability for cake making and is blended with raising agents to provide the lift and lightness to baked goods.

Organic Plain White Flour
Milled using low protein wheat typically sourced within a 30 mile radius of the mill. This flour will produce excellent cakes, pastries, biscuits etc with a superior flavour to that of a mass produced roller ground flour.

Organic White Self Raising Flour
Raising agents are mixed with the plain white flour to produce a uniform and stable blend ready for your baking recipes.



In addition to the above organic flours we also produce the following non-organic flours in 1.5kg, 8kg and 25kg sacks: Strong 100% Wholemeal, Brown (81% extraction) and Maltstar.