Collection Point


We have kept our collection order system going after the first lock down from Covid-19 back in 2020. It was something we had originally been forced into this to be able to continue selling to the local community through the lockdowns, however we found that it was a service we should continue to offer once we were out the other side. 

We then had our health and saftey inspection and was adviced we should make this the only way for customers to get flour directly from the mill due to our main yard getting busy with lorrys, forklift trucks, tractors and general traffic along with a blind point between the office the mill house  that has always been a concern of ours. 

Because of this we decided to remove the option of being able to buy on the door and now the collection point is the only way to order flour directly from us and collect it. Although it does remove some of the personal touch we do agree that it is a much safer way of doing things and maybe one day we can return to door sales in a new way in the future. 

Collection orders can be placed at checkout, when you get to the point were you type in your delivery address you can change the option to "ship" to "pick up" and this will remove the shipping charge for you.