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    Always Organic

    We were producing organic flour before the term organic became widely used. The wheat we milled in the early 1970's was described as being compost grown!

    There is much more emphasis now in working with nature and looking after the soil.

    Healthy soil makes healthy food and is sustainable through regenerative farming.

  • Artisan Baker Rolling Dough

    Artisan Bakers

    The majority of the organic stoneground flour we produce goes to small independent artisan bakers who value the quality and provenance of our products. However, there is a growing number of home bakers who are enjoying the satisfaction of creating their own baked products with full knowledge of the ingredients they are using.

  • Truly Stoneground

    Stoates do it on millstones

    For nearly two hundred years we have been using horizontal millstones for producing our flour.

    This slow and gentle process retains all the goodness within the grains including the wheat germ oils. The nutritional benefit and flavour are much enhanced by this traditional method of milling.

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Eating Organic Isn't a Trend....It's Returning to Tradition